Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Can Go Back in Time...

I know, I know, they tell us we can't go back in time... but just for a few minutes let's play the old game of "Let's Pretend." What's so cool is that we CAN in fact, go back in our hearts and that will trick our minds into thinking the way we did when we were kids. So in a very real way we do go back in time whenever we reminisce. In fact I read this week in a medical paper that when we do that we actually create brain activity that makes us happier people. I know when I think about my Grandmother's Lemon Meringue pies my mouth starts watering, I get a feeling of joy bouncing in my heart and just for a moment I'm back in 1957 in her sweltering hot kitchen (before air conditioners) watching G'ma passionately preparing her pies and cookies which was her "love language" for her "Little Mikey."

When I go back in time, it's to sit in front of the old black & white TV watching "The Mickey Mouse Club" or my hero Roy Rogers, Trigger and Bullet. And on those Saturday nights spent at G'ma Harriet's she and G'pa Mitch would force me to watch The Lawrence Welk Show. Later my mood would be changed once Mr. Welk introduced me (and millions of boomers) to Janet Lennon and The Lennon Sisters. Man-o-man little did I know nearly 50 years later they would be singing "Happy Birthday to Mikey" during my Branson show. It's kinda cool being married to my greatest love Shari Ann and having Janet Lennon as one of her pals. How cool is that?!

What about you? Do you have the ability to close your eyes and travel back to those times that made you feel so alive? Remember when you dreamed of being a fireman or a doctor? You really can feel the warmth of your mom or dad's hugs if you want to. Close your eyes and dream with me for a minute or two... who would you love to visit with again? Who are the loved ones who have long since gone "home" that you would give anything to tell them how much you loved them? What are the events you wish you could have a "do-over" to maybe change the way things turned out? For me I wish I could have met my real daddy. I just hope and pray he knew the Lord and accepted the gift of salvation... if he did, then I know one day I'll get a chance to say, "Hey dad, wanna play catch?"

Cherish the moments... because one day in a flash, you will be looking back wondering where did the time go! Till next time, so long my Buckaroo Buddies.

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