Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remember Harmon Killebrew?

In all my 30+ years in sports there are but a few true legends who live up to the lofty moniker of "American Hero." Harmon Killebrew is one of them for sure. The evening at one of the Chippewa Valley's most beautiful venues, "The Florian Gardens" was perfect, dining with an old pal, baseball the topic on everyone's tongue and years evaporated as we remenised. We first met Harmon when I was covering the Dodgers and Angels out in L.A. and a true friendship developed, one Shari and I cherish deeply. It continues to amaze me as I watch him interact with little kids who stand in long lines with their dads or grandfathers patiently waiting as the mass of fans wind their way around tables and chairs for that 1 minute of time to visit with the Hall of Famer they've come to see. I watched as Harmon engaged every person, youngsters 6 or 7 and aging men and women who all took time to be in the room with one of their favorites. As they chatted, "Harm" took time to look each one directly in the eyes making the conversation feel like you were talking to an old friend. And in many ways they were, for Harmon Killebrew was a part of their lives, that time when baseball was 'just a game' and superstars like Harmon Killebrew played, not for the money but for the love of the game.

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